Signals Gallery

And the Kinetic movement

Clay’s photographs record an exciting time in the 1960s. His vibrant and developed aesthetic has come to define the period and the way events are recalled. Signals London embarked on an ambitious series of exhibitions, curated by David Medalla and Paul Keeler. Clay was engaged to record these and contribute to the newspaper ‘Signals News Bulletin’. As Guy Brett wrote,’ the quality of lucid visualisation and sensory richness define Clay’s work’ He recorded David Medalla’s ‘Cloud Canyons’ by day and night, and the vibrant and crowded exhibitions of visiting artists. When Signals was dissolved he went on to photograph exhibitions at Indica and the Lissom Gallery. David and Paul formed the amazing ‘Exploding Galaxy’ and Clay gravitated away from the art world leaving a unique and important record. These works have been shown at England & Co, his gallery, who are guardians of this important archive, and administrate it on Clay’s behalf.
This work has also been shown in the Tate Gallery, Sotheby’s Gallery, and in Sao Paulo.

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