Industrial Age

These photographs have been selected because they contain all aspects of Clay’s work. The ultimate professional, he approaches the diverse qualities of his assignments in his unique way, combining integrity with great observation, distilling the essence of his subjects, from portraying the perfection of an exquisites rose, photographing a monolithic turbine, or taking a revealing portrait.
David Noble, publicist, and writer, has long recognised this rare quality and has commissioned and worked with Clay on many assignments. Here are the results of an extraordinary project for ABB Asa Brown Bouvere who manufacture robotics, heavy electrical equipment and automation technology worldwide. They asked for a brochure to show the extent of their work.
Clay was sent on a round then world trip. starting in Europe, then from Paris to New York on Concord, where he photographed the Amtrak train, then took helicopter and planes on to Rio where he worked with an armed guard, thence on to the Iguazu Falls Sydney Harbour Bridge,Tokyo at night, on to Jordan, culminating in a trip to North of the Artic Circle in Norway, on a skidoo.
An extraordinarily demanding trip never to be forgotten,an example of his versatility and dedication.

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