Greece Portraits & Landscapes

The sight of an ancient woman gathering mussels from treacherous rocks on an isolated beach in Crete inspired Clay to try and capture this timeless way of life, Hardship, worn with pride.
Forward looking publisher Anne Furniss commissioned ‘ Vanishing Greece ‘ understanding that this was a precious time in the history of this country.
Patrick Leigh Fermor generously wrote the introduction , also recognising that the book would be both important and timely . A personal Odyssey for Clay and his wife Maggie. This has resulted in this glorious and pertinent collection of beautiful photographs that depict the awe inspiring landscape, and record the quality of a time honoured noble people, whose way of life had not yet been permeated by the homogenisation of the world. On their journey Clay and Maggie indeed met the Baucus and Philemon of legend, personified in the photograph of the ancient cheesemakers in Karpathos.
You must always welcome strangers for you never know when you are in the presence of the Gods.

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