Clay Perry Photography



Clay is creating three editions of the photographs in different sizes. The largest is 24 and three quarter inches by 16 and a half inches., the middle size is 16 by 10 and a half inches and a smaller size of 8 by 12 inches.
There is an edition of 100 in each size. The digital prints are made on archival paper signed, dated and numbered on verso. The price of the largest print is £800, the middle size £500 and the small prints are £250 p.p. Each print is sent flat ready to frame.

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Still Life with Apples

Still Life with Broccoli, Cabbage, and Cauliflower

Prince Albert Peas in brown bowl

Still Life with Melons

Valencia Oranges

Cabbage Marner Laggerot

Sweet Peppers California Wonder & Long Red Marconi

Still life with Onions and Shallots

Still Life with Heritage Potatoes

Still Life with Various Quinces

Brown Turkey Figs in Bowl

Cornucopia of Heritage Fruit

Beetroot Detroit & Cylindra

Still Life with Globe Artichokes

Tomatoes Zapotec & Slankards

Still Life with Quince Vrajna

Almonds Emerging

Still life with Grapes

Still Life with Cabbage Primo

Still Life with Squashes


Still life with Quince Cabbage Melon and Lettuce

Apricot Gage

Cherries Bigarreau Napoleon

Cabbage January King Savoy Winter King

Celeriac Prinz & Celery Green Utah

Still Life with Peaches & Apricots

Cob Nuts

Cox's Pamona Apples

Flower of Kent Apples

Frangipane Pears

Still Life with the Quince Lisbon

Still life with Apples in Basket

The Apple Nonpareil

Still Life with Chard in Basket


The Apricot Gage

The Merton Gage

The Plum Bountiful Suspended

The Plum Bountiful

The Plum Golden Monarch

The Plum Mirabelle

The Plum President

Wierton Gage at Brogdale

Wisley Heritage Figs Collection

Biggaro & Napoleon 2

Fruit still life with suspended Quince

Golden Pippen Apples

President Plum suspended

Quince & Cabbage suspended with Melons

Stakromson & Bess Poole Apples

Still life with Melons 2

Still Life with Quinces 2

Swan's Egg Pears

Framing, click to add to unframed prints.

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