Fantastic Flowers Category

Clay has amassed a wonderful library of flower pictures which range from the most delicate to the flagrantly erotic.
The publisher Kyle Cathie commissioned a book of Clay’s favourite flowers, saying it was timely, she asked Maggie to write it, and they were able to travel the world and find beautiful examples in the most unlikely places. The extraordinary carnivorous sarracenia were in a drab collection of poly tunnels in England.
The red passion flower, glowed in the steamy heat of the tropical rain forest of Australia, which harbours pythons, leeches, deadly spiders, and the never to be forgotten plague of cane toads in Babinda
This was a wondrous journey. Amongst the flowers that Clay has chosen are the chaste arum lily with its blatant sexuality, and the shock of the Floridian banana flower, but perhaps the most poignant photographs are the collages of gently healing plants. The rainbow made from the petals of the herbs personifies the symbol that has been adopted world wide.

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